Best Pepper Spray

We normally talk here about stun guns and pepper guns and such, but today, we’re going to talk briefly about the best pepper spray.

Now, with the variety of self defense sprays on the market, its tough to say what is exactly the best pepper spray.  It truly depends, not only on the formula, but also on the actual dispenser.  In fact, all the self defense spray formulas we are aware of are very effective at repelling attackers.  So, then, it really comes down to the type of dispenser you choose.

One particular spray you’d have to consider as possibly the best is the DeFuser Pepper Spray with disable pin.  The idea here is that if someone forcibly removes the spray from the user’s hand, the disable pin becomes dislodged, rendering the dispenser inoperable.  This is indeed a very helpful feature.

Also, the larger canisters generally tend to shoot farther, thus giving more distance between you and an attacker.  However, once you get one that ‘s too big, you’re less likely to carry it with you often, thus leaving you unprotected when you really need it.  So, there has to be some balance in this selection.

– by E Harris

– by SmartStun Stun Guns