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The editor and publisher has been an owner of an online store focused on self defense weapons including TASER guns, stun guns, pepper guns, bear Mace, hidden cameras and Wicked Lasers.

We believe in helping Americans protect themselves in ways that really work.  We do not sell any cheaply made products merely aimed at making a buck.  Our customers trust us and come back to us because we provide:  REAL SELF DEFENSE.

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Stun Gun:  A handheld, electronic device that generates a sufficient balance of voltage and amperage designed for direct contact to an attacker.  The amperage penetrates the body and into the muscles causing spasms, fatigue and ultimately, locking up or giving out, once sufficient amperage has been delivered.  The attacker then falls to the ground, unable to rise for 10-60 seconds, giving the stun gun user time to leave.  Most stun guns generate approx 3 milliamps of current; lesser ones generate 1-2 milliamps; the best generate about 4.5 milliamps.  5 milliamps is considered lethal (deadly), so a stun gun will not generate more than this amount of current.

TASER Gun:  A handheld, electronic device which shoots electrodes tethered by wires into the target.  The wires/electrodes deliver voltage and amperage to the target, similarly incapacitating them as described by the stun gun.  However, these units deliver current pulsed over time.  So, they can be equally effective at lower voltages and amperages.  The main advantage of a TASER Gun over a stun gun is that the TASER gun offers an amount of distance between the user and the target, generally up to 15 feet for consumer grade units.  Law Enforcement units generally shoot to 21 feet.  (Also, see Phazzer Dragon and Phazzer Enforcer as these units resemble the operation of a TASER gun.)

Pepper Gun:  A handheld device which is designed to resemble the appearance and functionality of a handgun, but rather shoots a pepper spray or gel mixture, as opposed to bullets.  There is a wide range of sophistication and technology levels within this category. More entry level units will generally dispense the pepper via a pressurized cartridge.  More advanced models will use a pyrotechnic charge.  Some models can shoot over 20 feet and at speeds of over 270 mph, not being affected by wind.

Hidden Cameras:  There are many variations of this product.  The most commonly used types utilize a functioning everyday item, like a boombox, alarm clock, wrist watch or something else as common.  The manufacturer installs a tiny camera and a dvr into the unit so that it is self contained; no wires running to a recorder as the DVR (digital video recorder) records the footage.  The original unit, such as the boombox, still functions just as it would so the person(s) being recorded are none the wiser.  Some units also have microphones installed to pick up and record sound.  Footage is then played back by plugging  into a USB connection of a computer.  Again, these are the most common types but there are many variations, including some that do not have a DVR built in, or do not have a microphone.  Do plenty of research before purchasing one of these units to ensure your satisfaction.


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