Best Pepper Spray

We normally talk here about stun guns and pepper guns and such, but today, we’re going to talk briefly about the best pepper spray.

Now, with the variety of self defense sprays on the market, its tough to say what is exactly the best pepper spray.  It truly depends, not only on the formula, but also on the actual dispenser.  In fact, all the self defense spray formulas we are aware of are very effective at repelling attackers.  So, then, it really comes down to the type of dispenser you choose.

One particular spray you’d have to consider as possibly the best is the DeFuser Pepper Spray with disable pin.  The idea here is that if someone forcibly removes the spray from the user’s hand, the disable pin becomes dislodged, rendering the dispenser inoperable.  This is indeed a very helpful feature.

Also, the larger canisters generally tend to shoot farther, thus giving more distance between you and an attacker.  However, once you get one that ‘s too big, you’re less likely to carry it with you often, thus leaving you unprotected when you really need it.  So, there has to be some balance in this selection.

– by E Harris

– by SmartStun Stun Guns


Have you been busted by a Nanny Cam?

Some people know what a Nanny Cam is and some people don’t.  If you’re in the latter group, you might just want to be careful if you’re up to things you shouldn’t be.

You see, a Nanny Cam is a an everyday looking object; something like an alarm clock, boombox, even a watch or car key remote.Nanny Cam  However, its not JUST an everyday object.  Inside is a camera and a recording device (DVR), and some even have microphones built in.  So, what? you say.

Well, if someone suspects you’re up to something, let’s say, cheating on your spouse, hitting the kids  you’re supposed to be babysitting or stealing office supplies, the owner of the place may have installed a Nanny Cam.  And, the next time you go into the office supply closet or have a clandestine encounter with you know who, they may just be able to get the video surveillance they need to bust you.

These handy cameras with DVR’s can be used for other good, too.  We use one in our house to spy on our dogs when we’re not home.  Most times, there’s nothing really to see.  But, every once in a while, we get some funny stuff worth sharing.

– By E Harris

Phazzer Cartridges on Taser Stun Guns

Not many people know that the Phazzer brand of cartridges will fit onto the TASER X26C, TASER M26C and the TASER M18.  That’s right, they’re interchangeable.

So, what, you ask?  Well, for one, you get a much better selection of cartridges with Phazzer.  Not only do they have the 15 foot electrode projectile cartridge like TASER, but they also offer many more.  The most popular one seems to be the Phazzer Pepper Ball Cartridge.  These shoot Pepper in the form of a ball outward up to 30 feet, exploding on contact and causing real pain to the target.

Also, Phazzer offers a Pepper Powder Cartridge, a Paint Ball Cartridge, a Rubber Ball cartridge and a training cartridge.

Now, what’s even more important, though, is that for the electrode dart cartridges by Phazzer, they have a unique coiling system that minimizes tangling of the wires.  The last thing you want is for you to be face to face with an attacker, you go to shoot them with your TASER and the wires get tangled, leaving you with a very angry attacker.  Because of this coiling technique, Phazzer is able to claim a noticeably higher effectiveness rating than the TASER Cartridges.  Basically, with Phazzer cartridges, you’ll hit your target more times than with TASER cartridges.

Of course, you can get both brands and all these cartridges and more at

– By E Harris

Wicked Lasers

Okay, you want something totally cool?  I mean, mind-blowing cool?  Check out Wickedwicked lasers Lasers.  Not only do they make some of the most intensely bright lasers available for the public, but they also have a flashlight that is so bright it freakin’ catches stuff on fire!  I’m not blowing this out of proportion, either.  I own one.  Its called The Torch.  And, it is just that.  You can’t use it for more than a couple of minutes at a time or it gets so hot the lens may shatter.

But, back to the Wicked Lasers themselves.  They have the Arctic Spyder, the Krypton and the Saber.  I can copy and paste all the info about them.  But, you really have to check them out for yourself.  Regardless of which model you check out and ultimately buy, you will not be dissatisfied.  These things are truly amazing and you’ll want to show them to everyone you know.

As a side note:  I live next to some college kids.  And, one night about 11pm when things were getting a little noisy outside next door, I climbed onto my roof and shone the Torch down on them.  They freaked and scattered like mice.  After a few minutes they come over and asked if we were calling the cops on them.  I accomplished what I needed with my Wicked Laser product!


Hidden Cameras

Okay, let’s take a step away from our normal self defense weapon discussion and talk briefly about Hidden Cameras.  Most people can sort of imagine, in a general sense, what a hidden camera is.

However, they can be so much more.

hidden camerasThe type of units I’m referring to are actually an everyday object, like a wall mirror, wall clock or alarm clock.  Inside the unit, the manufacturer installs a tiny camera, hidden inside.  And, the better units also have a digital video recorder (DVR) installed inside and quite possibly, even a microphone.  The original unit, the object, actually functions just like it should.  The alarm clock tells time and will wake you when set  But, it can also be placed somewhere were video footage is needed;  some place where someone can spy and find out what’s going on when they’re not around.

Maybe you own a business and you suspect an employee is stealing.  Or, perhaps you just want to keep an eye on the baby sitter when you’re not around.  A hidden camera can do exactly what you want.  After placing and setting the way you want it, you get the footage.  You then connect it to a computer via a USB cable and quickly and easily watch what was happening.