TASER C2 at SmartStun.com

So, at SmartStun.com, you can find not only stun guns, pepper guns and more, but you can also find TASER Guns.  Specifically, you cantaser c2 at smartstun.com find the TASER C2 available in either the Basic Kit or the Gold Kit.  Both are fine packages of one of the best and well known self defense weapon.

The TASER C2 is a model that was designed with the consumer in mind.  And, while many women like the ergonomic shape of the model, both sexes from all walks of life buy and use it for protection.  The TASER C2 is designed so that the unit fits nicely into most hands and the buttons are easy to reach.  With all the accessories available for this particular taser gun, you can readily find a way to carry it so you’ll have it when you need it.  Far too often, people buy self defense weapons and have them in their purse or car, but when they need them, they can’t get to them quickly enough.  I say, why bother?  Spend the extra 10 minutes figuring out how you’re going to carry and store it and spend the extra $20-30 for an appropriate holster or carrying case.

Regardless, SmartStun.com is the best website for shopping all types of self defense weapons and the amazing line-up of Wicked Lasers!

– By E Harris


Best Selection of Stun Guns

Today’s writing will be somewhat advertorial.  Sorry, but here goes:  For the best selection of stun guns, Taser guns, Pepper Guns and various other self defense weapons, visit SmartStun.com

SmartStun Stun GunThat’s right, we have compiled an inventory of only the best self defense weapons.  Like most websites just starting out, we carried all the various stun guns and such that we could find.  But, over time, after getting a few customer complaints on various models, we decided our online reputation was far too valuable to chance carrying crappy products when people need Real Self Defense.  So, we deleted all the stun gun models that received complaints or that we felt were just cheap or ineffective.

What is left, now, is the finest selection of stun guns, various models of the Taser Brand of weapons, Pepper Guns from Kimber, MACE and the JPX model, as well as Wicked Lasers and various pepper sprays.  So, shop at our site feeling safe that what ever you choose to order, you will be happy with and you’ll KNOW that you and your loved ones will be protected.

Okay, now back to our normal writing…..


Wicked Lasers

Okay, you want something totally cool?  I mean, mind-blowing cool?  Check out Wickedwicked lasers Lasers.  Not only do they make some of the most intensely bright lasers available for the public, but they also have a flashlight that is so bright it freakin’ catches stuff on fire!  I’m not blowing this out of proportion, either.  I own one.  Its called The Torch.  And, it is just that.  You can’t use it for more than a couple of minutes at a time or it gets so hot the lens may shatter.

But, back to the Wicked Lasers themselves.  They have the Arctic Spyder, the Krypton and the Saber.  I can copy and paste all the info about them.  But, you really have to check them out for yourself.  Regardless of which model you check out and ultimately buy, you will not be dissatisfied.  These things are truly amazing and you’ll want to show them to everyone you know.

As a side note:  I live next to some college kids.  And, one night about 11pm when things were getting a little noisy outside next door, I climbed onto my roof and shone the Torch down on them.  They freaked and scattered like mice.  After a few minutes they come over and asked if we were calling the cops on them.  I accomplished what I needed with my Wicked Laser product!