ZAP Double Trouble Stun Gun

Stun Guns work by passing electrical current, or amperage, through the body of the subject.  The more amperage you pass for a longer period of time, the more effective they’re going to be.  That makes sense, right?

So, the ZAP Double Trouble Stun Gun is highly effective, compared to other stun guns,zap double trouble stun gun because of the distance between the electrodes.  Most stun guns have the electrodes an inch or inch and a half apart from each other.  The current flows from one electrode to the other, while passing through the body.  However, the Double Trouble has the electrodes spaced 5 inches apart.  This means that the current spends more time in the body of whomever you’re pressing it against, thus making it more effective.

The Double Trouble by ZAP is a 1.2 million volt stun gun with a much different design.  As you’ll see in the picture, this model fits very nicely into the hands of its user.  It has a rubberized coating on the outside of it to allow for a more steady grip, with little to no slippage.  Each end actually has several electrodes on it to allow for greater chance of touching it to your target.  Its easy to carry while walking, jogging or working out and its lightweight.  The buttons are all very easy to reach, thus ensuring you’ll be able to use it easily.

This model of stun gun should certainly be on your list to check out.

– by E Harris

– by SmartStun Stun Guns