Flashlight Stun Gun from ZAP

The ZAP Brand of self defense products has been around for a while and is manufactured by PS Products.  This company is unique in the industry as they design and have their own products manufactured, rather than taking on some of the cheap chinese products and putting their name on them.  PS Products holds patents on the design of their weapons, as many of their stun guns and such are unique to them.

zap flashlight stun gun

For instance, the new ZAP Enforcer Professional Grade Flashlight Stun Gun is one that can only be gotten from ZAP.  There is not another unit like it out there that is sold under another brand.  This unit is 2 million volt, heavy duty flashlight with display on it that lets the user know how much charge is left on the battery.

The ZAPL, 1 million volt flashlight stun gun and the the ZAPLTE, 1 Million volt Extreme Flashlight Stun Gun are also 2 unique models that cannot be gotten under any other brands.

All 3 of these units are of the highest quality, and while they are all manufactured in China, they are only done so according to the specs of PS Products.  Whereas many stun guns are designed and made in China, then marketed to US companies who then put their name on them. So, if you see anything from ZAP or PS Products, you can rest assured you’re getting the best in self defense.

– By E Harris


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ZAP Knuckles Blaster Stun Gun Knuckles

Many people search for some type of stun gun or weapon they can use  but don’t really give much thought to where they’ll store it or how they’ll carry it.  So, let me suggest Stun Gun Knuckles (also called ZAP Knuckles Blaster) for those seeking stun gun protection while exercising or jogging.

zap knuckles blasterStun Gun knuckles are very convenient to carry.  And, that’s one of the biggest problems when it comes to needing your self defense weapon.  You have it in your purse or your car, but when you’re jumped, you cannot access it quickly enough.  But, these knuckles fit comfortably into the palm of a clenched hand, as when someone is running or jogging.  If someone nearby is ready to attack you, you’ll have your weapon in your hand, ready to defend yourself.

At just under 1 million volts, this model has enough voltage (or push) to deliver a nice stun through a small layer of clothing such as a T-shirt or something similar.  So, contact with the skin is not fully necessary, although, is always best.  Check out the Knuckle Blaster by ZAP and decide for yourself.  Even if this is not quite right for you, please DO give some thought as to how you will carry and access your weapon if and when you need it.